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About Blue Marlin
Home Away From Home

Blue Marlin SND is located in the high grade Jinhua commercial center in Suzhou New District. Opened on the 28th October 2002, with a business area of around 320 m2, it has a capacity of 140 people comfortably dining together. It is the only authentic western and American style restaurant and bar in SND. Here you can enjoy free Wifi, pool , entertainment and live broadcasting Sports. On the weekends, bands from Europe and America bring you the sounds of classical countryside music and classic rock that immerse you into the old happy days. This is not only a place for cuisine and entertainment but also the best place to meet people, old friends and new.

Blue Marlin SIP was opened on 20th July 2003 with a business area of 650 m2 and a capacity of holding at least 240 people comfortably dining together. Since opening, it has been supported and loved by many local expats and white-collars. It is more than a restaurant and bar but rather a communication platform for Chinese and foreigners who are in love of Chinese as well as western culture. After 10 years, Blue Marlin SIP has got a group of loyal customers who come hereat nights or weekends, relax and enjoy just like in their own living room.

Restaurant locations
  • SND
    98 Shishan Road, SGV Plaza, SND, Suzhou
  • SIP
    168 Xinghai Street, SIP, Suzhou
  • East Lake
    Rm. 201, 102 Zhonghui Rd. Commercial Street, Jinhuwan, SIP, Suzhou